Compact design features the NoteTaker pad and pockets for cards, folded cash, and receipts. Textured leather in faux red alligator, faux chestnut brown alligator, or faux tan ostrich.

The ability to quickly capture a thought and get it off your mind is as essential as your driver's license, credit cards and cash. Our elegant GTD NoteTaker Wallet will capture all those random thoughts that occur at the most unexpected times and places.

Crafted of the finest matte finish faux leather to be as durable as it is slim, the wallet's real value as a productivity tool is the Expandable Pen and perforated notepads for easily capturing every new critical and creative thought.

The GTD NoteTaker Wallet gives your mind the freedom it needs to let go of the low level task of remembering everything by instantly recording it on the notepad for later processing. Once you experience what its like to never lose a critical idea or thought no matter where you are, you'll never again be without a GTD NoteTaker Wallet.

Included with the GTD NoteTaker:
- Beautiful textured leather wallet in faux red alligator, faux chestnut brown alligator, or faux tan ostrich.
- Expandable Pen
- 2 extra pen refills
- 10 paper pads- 2 1/4" x 4 1/4"

Please note:
This style has an interior pocket for storing folded cash only. It does not have a pocket that allows for cash to be stored flat.


My lifesaver is the NoteTaker that I keep with me when away from Home or Office. As a thought comes in -- whether it is personal or work related -- that has a task associated with it. I jot it down in my trusted NoteTaker and get it out of my mind (as you will learn, your mind is for HAVING ideas not for HOLDING them), and then process the input later. -Donna Martin