The GTD® Two-Minute Timer, on your Windows® desktop, gives you a fun and easy way to see if you can really complete something in less than two-minutes.

How long is 2 minutes? Most people can get far more done in two-minutes than they realize. With this digital timer installed on your computer, just a keystroke away, you’ll plow through the backlog, close the open loops, reduce reading volume as you learn to scan for value before filing, routing deleting or recycling. We estimate that a third of your actions cleaning up your Inbox take less than 2 minutes.

Why Two-Minutes?
"If the Next Action can be done in 2 minutes or less, do it when you first pick the item up. Even if that item is not a "high priority" one, do it now if you're ever going to do it at all." -David Allen (p. 131, Getting Things Done)

You'll have fun learning to focus better on how to use your time wisely and prevent getting side tracked, creating a feeling of forward motion and personal control. We've seen gains of up to an hour a day of quality discretionary time just by implementing the 2 minute rule, now made simple with the help of this convenient timer.

How it works:
Start the timer with your space bar. The timer begins counting down. At the end of two-minutes, the it displays, "What's your next action?" Turn it off with a mouse click or your enter button. Sound can be muted as well.

Compatible with recent versions of Windows®. Not compatible with Mac.

This downloadable timer will be emailed to the email address you specify in your order. You are welcome to install it on two of your computers.